The ancient “Interamna Nahartium”, which means “land between two rivers”, at Terni, the Nera and the Serra rivers, was the birthplace of the emperor Marcus Claudius Tacitus and of the author Cornelius Tacitus, among other important personages of the past.

In the second half of the 19th century, Terni took part in the industrial revolution, and was awarded the appellative of “Manchester of Italy”. Its present-day appearance, due for the most part to the heavy bombardments to which it was subjected during World War II, is mostly modern and dynamic.
Where better to swing hands with a loved one on St Valentine’s Day than at the St Valentine’s feast in the eponymous saint’s Umbrian hometown. Here, it is said, Valentine would often give gifts of flowers from his own garden to young visitors. Two such visitors fell in love and married, forever linking St Valentine with love. Chocolate-makers and florists have been forever grateful.

Terni dedicates itself to love and romance throughout February, but undoubtedly you will want to be here for the big day: 14 February. Terni knows this and celebrates St Valentine’s Day with a giant feast around the basilica where the saint’s remains are interred. Components of the festival include a jewellery-making competition and the ‘A Year of Loving’ award, which honours a special act of love…something like a Nobel Passion Prize.

At 6 km distance from Terni the impressive Marmore Waterfalls, which, with falls totalling 165 meters in height, are the highest waterfalls of Europe, are to be found. Also you should not miss the ruins of Carsulae, an ancient Roman city, the charming medieval village of Cesi, and Lake Piediluco with its evocative village of the same name.
Among the most important manifestations taking place in the city we should absolutely mention the festival Cantamaggio.

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