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  • Assisi: 
    As if cupped in celestial hands, with the plains spreading picturesquely below and Monte Subasio rearing steep and wooded above, the mere sight of Assisi in the rosy glow of dusk is enough to send pilgrims’ souls spiralling to heaven.
  • Orvieto: 
    Sitting astride a volcanic plug of rock above fields streaked with vines, and olive and cypress trees, Orvieto is visually stunning from the first. Like the love child of Rome and Florence and nestled midway between the two cities, history hangs over the cobbled lanes, medieval piazzas and churches of this cinematically beautiful city.
  • Spoleto:
    Presided over by a formidable medieval fortress and backed by the broad-shouldered Apennines, their summits iced with snow in winter, Spoleto is visually stunning.


Each Saturday morning, the old town hosts wonderful markets where you’ll find locals trading vegetables, antiques, patisserie among many other things. A unique opportunity to find fresh and affordable products while soaking in an authentic local atmosphere.

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Casal Canalicchio

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Borgo Saint Claude


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La Fonte di Agello


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