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Once upon a time … A short history of “GRANDE FATTORIA NOVEMBER 1860: Umbria, with the plebiscite, becomes part of the Italian kingdom. The era of the Marquis Piccioni begins. The sharecropping system is asserted as an element to maintain the balance between property owners, inhabitants, resources, production and environment. YEAR 1902: The first farmer movement struggles are confirmed. These struggles continue on and off until 1960 when the sharecropping system is terminated. YEAR 1925: The first hunting reserve in Italy is established on the estate. This permitted an efficient environmental and naturalistic reorganization. YEAR 1967: Marquis Piccioni Luigi dies. YEAR 1975: Marchioness Ferrata Maria Caterina Piccioni dies. With her death and a long judicial fight, between the heirs, cause a rapid and devastating decline to the establishment. YEAR 1983: The beginning of a long and patient restoration of the estate. YEAR 1990: In the patricians chapel the first wedding is celebrated and a year later also the first baptism is celebrated. Life returns in the estate, and the joyful sound of the bells, after 20 years, ring in the Tresa valley.
At “LA GRANDE FATTORIA” we also have a museum, Art and Culture, dedicated past farmers in our area. This museum is a piece of history where objects from the past are displayed showing the many changes that have occurred up to our time.
The estate Moiano is located in Tuscany and Umbria, with its 600 hectares of uncontaminated nature, is considered the green heart of Italy and it is also near Trasimeno Lake.
We are open all year round offering the possibility to spend a relaxing vacation either for a weekend or for one or more weeks.
The estate offers numerous activities to our guests, sport facilities such as, tennis courts, swimming pools, ping pong table and much more the estate has an assembly-room with a kitchen, satellite TV and a mini market for the small daily needs.
The splendid private swimming pools are perfectly equipped with deck-chairs, tables and beach-umbrellas to guarantee days of total relax sunbathing or reading a good book. The magical surroundings of Tuscan-Umbria make the days perfect and under the shade of the pine trees provide a little coolness from the sun.

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    "Beautiful location"
    600 hectares of uncontaminated nature
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