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Properties Description

“Casa nel bosco” is an elegant house restored in the second half of the 1800s. It is situated in a property of approximately 12 hectares where there are olive trees and a vineyard from which an excellent Chianti wine (D.O.C.G.) and the famous Nobile di Montepulciano (D.O.C.G.) wine are made. Recent restoration (followed personally by Mrs. Franca and by the architect Tamara Martellini from Florence), was carried out with the idea maintaining of the original fascination of the antique dwelling. For this reason all the architectonic additions done to the house after its first construction were demolished.
The building was home to a farming family in the 70s and has now become a holiday home structure with 4 comfortable bedrooms and a suite, all elegantly furnished in classic Tuscan style with antique furniture restored according to tradition, iron wrought beds and exquisite armchairs.
Every room is enriched with mirrors, pictures, prints and flower compositions and importance is given to all little details. A magnificent external staircase leads to the loggia where our guests have access to a charming living room, in which a crackling fire warms the environment.
The external part of the building is in pink brick and is shaded thanks to pine trees and old cypress trees which are displayed in a manner as if to crown an old well in brick and stone brought back to its original splendour and situated right in the middle of the court yard. In the large garden which surrounds the house there is a swimming pool which is enclosed by evergreen hedges and cypress trees. It is a place where peace and silence reign and where it is possible to get away from stress for a few days and to live a holiday immersed in Nature.

Its origins according to History and Legends
A document which dates back to shortly after the year 1000 d.C. regarding the history of Abbadia refers to a bequest made in favour of certain Benedictine Camaldolesian monks in exchange for prayers and intercessions.
In the legacy there was a promise to give a property with field and woods to S. Peter’s monastery.
he term “caium, caiolum”in Medieval Latin meant “little house” and the expression used in the document sounded something like “little house with land and woods”.
This little house seems to be Casa al bosco, a name which can be also found in geographic maps of the period.
Another proof of this is that some bricks were found in the Northern part of building which date back to the XI and the XII centuries. During the restoration other interesting elements emerged. Besides evidence of a fire near the old well, a stone basin was found which was probably used for the watering of the pack animals and transport animals, which the monks and the travellers used (it’s important to remember that via Francigena is just a few kilometres away).
Another important trace that was found was a brick of unusual measurements which is now part of the capital of the bordering walls of the property. The brick was made in a Roman oven about 2 km away from Casa del Bosco. Finally, looking towards the nearby Torrita, it is possible to distinguish the valley where, in 1363 the “Battle of the Val di Chiana” took place, a battle fought by the Senese troupes led by Giordano Orsini and the English troupes commanded by Niccolò da Montefeltro. The fresco depicting the battle and painted by Lippo di Vanni is kept in the Hall of the Mappamondo in the Municipality Palace of Siena. It is said that the battle was won by the Senese troupe and that the defeated had to take shelter in the woods before the pillage and destruction of the surrounding villages took place. It is also possible that the fire near the well broke out in the same period.

Hospitality running in the blood
The Bernardini family boasts Fiorentine hoteliers among its ancestors. These forefathers used to manage an old inn which used a glove for a signboard and as a consequence there is a road in Florence now called “Via dell’Osteria del Guanto” which took its name from that tavern.
And from here the name “Bernardini del Guanto” takes its origins. The Bernardini family coat of arms has an arm with a golden glove on the red background.
It comes out from the left hand side and holds a black arrow pointing towards the ground.
For further proof of the hospitality and professionalism of the Cassioli – Bernardini family we suggest you try it firsthand during your stay!

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