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Properties Description

The antique Borgo Longobardi is a farm located in a dominant position in the typical Balze region, along an Etruscan trail that goes through the Valdarno.
The first settlements go back to the age of the Longobardi and were used as military defense. The antique ghibelline fortification belonged to the Pazzi family until 1288, when Uberto de’ Pazzi gave it to the Guelphic part of Florence which rebuilt and enlarged it before giving it to Maffeo di Francesco da Sommaja, notary of Florence.
From him comes the family name “de’ Libri” (of Books) and the gentilitial coat of arms
Since 1300 the Libri family makes enlargements and restructurations and finishes the chapel dedicated to S. Antonio Abate on the square located to the south of the settlement. The Libri family passed on the ownership and management of the “Poggitazzi House and Palace”, as the mannor was called in 1500, leaving with its members a deep trail in the cultural and administrative life of Florence. Today, the core of the estate is composed of three main buildings connected inside through undergrounds, and outside through courtyards and hallways, which also delimitate the two gardens: one of them large and antique, restored with original materials, and the other one from the nineteenth-century. The north-western part of the factory has probably been restructured around the first years of the eighteenth-century, on the typology of the Tuscan Villa in such age.
Further enlargements and embellishments, as coffer ceilings and frescoes, were added during the second half of the nineteenth-century, when the ownership of Poggitazzi became the wedding gift from Melania Libri Graziani to Giovanni Magherini. During this period the agricultural activity is reorganized and promoted, specially for production of wine and oil.
At the centre of the complex, around 150 metres from the villa and the farmstead, there is an agritourism, which was created through the renovation of a large farmhouse built in 1911 called La Fabbrica (“The Factory”). The name derives from its initial use as the site for the processing of all the products made on the farm, which included tobacco, linen, silk, wheat and corn. La Fabbrica was used for this purpose for as long as the farm was managed on a sharecropping basis, and it has now been lovingly renovated and split into a number of rooms and apartments.
The agritourism benefits from a discreet yet welcoming atmosphere, with large indoor and outdoor spaces, immersed in lush landscapes with a wonderful panorama over the valley below.

The apartments have been painstakingly decorated in typical Tuscan style, retaining a sense of tradition while offering every imaginable comfort. Moreover, the agritourism offers large, well-equipped landscaped areas, an outdoor swimming pool, mountain bikes, a barbecue and a ping-pong table.

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