Siena Cathedralsienasiena3Horses and jockeys compete in a general practice of the Palio horse race on the eve of the competition on July 1, 2009 on Piazza del Campo in Siena, Tuscany. The Palio races which take place twice a year on July 2 and August 16, are  traditional horse races which started in 1656 and are dedicated to Virgin Mary and to Madonna of Provenzano. Horses and jockeys of the 17 areas (contrade) of the city, dressed in the appropriate colors of their wards, compete ten by ten, after a magnificient pageant, the Corteo Storico.  AFP PHOTO / Fabio Muzzi (Photo credit should read FABIO MUZZI/AFP/Getty Images)

In Siena the architecture soars, and could well lift your soul. Effectively a giant, open-air museum to the Gothic, its spiritual and secular medieval monuments still sit in harmony, many filled with collections of Sienese art. Add vibrant streets where every third door (literally) opens into a restaurant, enoteca or deli, and you’re in for a very fine time indeed. Because this is Italy before the Renaissance, magically transported to the modern day.

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  1. henk

    I Visited Siena year back 1958. What a Beautiful place, what lasting memeories.

    3 anni ago Rispondi

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