San Miniato

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San Miniato will certainly catch your eye as you drive the main highway back and forth from Pisa to Florence; it sits high and pretty, just beckoning to you to come and visit it’s quiet streets and secret corners. A quick stop can include a walk around the historic city center, where you will encounter a wide range of monuments which have been remodeled, renovated and, in a few cases, totally rebuilt. The atmosphere of this little town is enchanting and will give you the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs, purchase a few gifts while admiring some beautiful panoramic views between Pisa and Florence.

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San Minato

Already well known by the Romans as Quarto, this area grew until it was finally overtaken by Florence and declined in military power as a consequence. In the last 70 years, they have worked hard to restore local traditions in leather working and truffle hunting. It is no secret that this little town was a strategic lookout for the valley. Set on three dominant hills in the middle of the valley near the Arno river, the view stretches from the center of the Italian peninsula (east to the west), where ports for commerce sat in what is now Pisa and Livorno. Its position coincided with north/south travel along the important via Francigena that connected France to Rome. The many fortified towers testify to its importance. The dominant structure is the Rocca, built between 1217-1223 to control the comings and goings between the constantly warring areas. Rocca is an Italian word that refers to a fortress built on the top of a rocky pinnacle.;

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